Is it your right to be grade 5 or not?

My English is not good, okay. so I will limit my words.
This is a criticism so it is open to other opinions.

  • This week, I learned that there is a time bubble or I do not know its name. But do you really agree with that? I flew and made 10 flights more than 200 of the grade5. I finished and went to sleep but before I left my plane on another flight that would be 211. When I wake up today and prepare for the landing I was 209. I landed again 210. What kind of person has time to stay here flying? Does not work, does not study? If you have to stay a week without using it will be demoted. If that’s some kind of incentive it’s annoying because I’ve lost the urge to be grade 5 I give up. I searched the explanation and saw that they find this interesting but I do not think I do not disagree that if I stay for a while without using it, I will be lowered, but 90 days in 1 minute is the question how many flights do I have to do in the day to stop it, and worse What time of your life you have to devote to it. I think it’s bad and I do not want to be in a vicious circle.
    Thanks to @Chris_S for helping me understand this.

Great question.
My answer: Just fly till you reach Grade 5 for another time.

I already arrived and that is the problem in a few minutes he removed 2 points from my flight still happening. I have been fighting since Monday where I make 10 more flights and it drops 2,3,4 a minute.

I’ll fly again. I’m going to do another 10 today or 220 I want to see how long it will take.
See the progress and discount that the I.F> does this seems unfair to people who work or travel or worse are somewhere without internet.

145b 145c 145d

Really you dont get that much benefit from having G5 than G3 except a callsign tag color change and jsut bragging rights. I would say it isnt worth much to try and put so much effort into getting G4/5. G3 does enough and better to spend the time doing a flight you really want to do than doing patterns to get to G4/5


I started to see that too and I agree that it’s not worth the effort.

I didnt even know when I reached grade 5.Like how @anon2063420 said, it doesnt mean anything.Just means you spent alot of time flying and you achieved G5

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I agree but for some people goal is something important. There are those who dedicate themselves to this, and if they do not take care of themselves, they will see a vicious circle. You will never stop fighting a program that does nothing but discount your points that took a few hours to achieve.

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Just do some t&g and you will get many landings


I’m good with grade 3, I really don’t fly on Expert Server I always fly on Training Server.

It is not worth it. It is also practically impossible when you are in school or work 7+ hours a day.

I did t&g for half an hour and got 32 landings

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And most people have homework too

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Yeah. That also.

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Me too but this happens in training, expert and even in casual.

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Look, it’s not enough, I do 2 flights a day if I want to keep it quiet, I have to have 10 more flights every 2 days at the most or it gets lost. On a night gone 5 points, calculate what time in your life you should have?
I like 1 long flight a day type 7 to 12 hours flying at the same time I lost 2 points while flying that is right? I think flight time should give a discount to help.

Here is my tip:

  1. Take the cessna 172
  2. Find a airport with parallell runways
  3. Do t&g
  4. Landings will increas
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I use TBM but even this is what I’m doing now it’ll get me losing 5 points by the end of the day.

This discussion is interesting, maybe some moderator will see and change it by lowering it a bit because it becomes a penalty and not an insecurity. And the newbies will learn from the tips they gave here.

I really don’t get what you’re on about… the number of landings is in the last 90 days. So if 90 days ago you did 0 landings, today you’ll loose exactly 0. I mean it’s not a bot that reduces to reduce 😅. It just gives you the total in the last 90 days. You say it reduces “2,3,4 a minute” that means that’s the amount you did 90 days ago. You were flying an awful lot if it is the case…

Really it is not that much time consuming. If you do 3 landings a day you’re grade 5. How long does it take to do 3 landings? Less than 5 minutes. I think you’ll easily find those 5 minutes where you’re on a bus and have nothing to do… just 5 minutes.