Is it worth using a Joystick?

Is it or no? I’ve been kinda thinking about buying one but not sure if It’s worth it.

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Short answer, yes. It makes it feel so much more immersive!


I mean, it really depends on you.

I’d highly recommend purchasing through Best Buy if at all possible. They have a 90 day return policy on all gaming equipment (including joysticks), so if you don’t like it, you can return/swap it out.


I had a pretty advanced setup at one point and honestly while it felt pretty cool to have the rudder pedals and throttle control getting connected was such a fuss (at the time - and I run all Apple. Might be easier now/with Windows). But it made me play less… since I’ve put a ton of hours in just using the iPad/iPhone it feels good and you can literally light up a flight anywhere. Now with the missions I can slam a quick 20 minute flight a few times a day. Keep your rating up!

You might wanna try it though if realism is what your going for but there are…. other sims out there that really specialize in that aspect. It gets $$$ quick though!


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I will say…NO. why use a joystick on handheld device. Invest the cash on something else.

Good point, I’d only do it because I’m not saving 5800 on a new pc.

Depends on the device

When i fly in IF on my tablet, I say no because it has a accelerometer and gyroscope already built in

However when I fly in IF on PC, I say yes because it is the only option aside from console controllers.

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