Is it worth to buy live

Hi guys is it worth buying a subscription for IF? I find that boring now.

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thanks guys

It is absolutely worth it. You’ll gain a ton of features that aren’t included with the base app: access to the entire Infinite Flight fleet, including future reworks/additions too (the A220 is on its way); live traffic and three servers to fly on, meaning you can join group flights and events with community members from this forum; live air traffic control from trained controllers once you reach the Expert Server; the ability to control on the Training Server—and the Expert Server after you apply for IFATC; and so much more! I’d go for it if I were you—at least try it out for a month and see how you like it. Hope you enjoy it and let us know if you have any questions!


For me, it all depends on how are you flying. If you find it a little boring I could recommend joining a VA. I am in the process of applying and it has been really interesting to actually choose the VA I would like to be a part of. Another thing you could do is(for now) don’t buy it. Fly on singleplayer and if you ever get the desire to join online once again go ahead and buy the subscription.

Hope you buy it tho! I love this Flight Sim jeje

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I find Infinite Flight super fun and interesting. What’s kept me on this game is the people and IFATC. I highly suggest you should apply by looking at the links Luca has sent!

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