Is it worth it to be in IFATC?

Is it worth the training to be in IFATC?


IFATC has been my main focus for the past… 7 months now, wow, such a long way I’ve come. Every single day I log in, control, attend training sessions, help out, and it’s a blast and so much fun, each and every day. If you have that passion for air traffic controlling, keep working at it and once you join, you definitely won’t regret it. It truly is a unique experience.


Ok so it is worth it.

In my opinion, 100%.


What was that, Shane? Did I hear you needed more VA work to do? 😂.

Jokes aside, I love IFATC. Before I thought I was a member of a community, after joining IFATC I feel like I am a member of a family. I have met so many of my closest friends in IFATC and have loved almost every second of being a controller, and you will too!


Yes yes yes yes no other answer the only answer is yes


That’s something only you can answer. However, I’d love to give you my thoughts and hopefully help influence your decision!

Ever since I found out about the community, I had the impulse to do something special. I honestly wasn’t sure what it was, and it took me over a year to find it. Fortunately, I did, and I was led to IFATC. Throughout my four or so months here, I’ve learned hundreds of things. I knew nothing about ATC when I first started my journey. However, with a tracking thread, willingness to learn, and help from some remarkable individuals, I learned and retained the information. I can undoubtedly say that it was worth all my time!

Everything that I’ve taken away from being a part of IFATC will stick with me for the rest of my life. IFATC is one big family, and I don’t regret the decision I made to join.

All said, if you are up for a challenge, go after it. I highly recommend giving it a shot!


100% I joined back in September. I wish I joined years ago!! Its a great community.


100% recommend, it’s so awesome and fun…but if you get on Tyler’s bad side oh boy…


If you ask me, IFATC definitely is worth joining. It’s been my main focus in Infinite Flight since joining the community back in April. I’m coming up on exactly 7 months since joining the IFC, and 6 months since joining IFATC, and I can say I haven’t had a single moment of regret.

Many may see IFATC as simply controlling the Expert Server, but there’s much more to it than controlling. You get to talk with and make relationships with people from everywhere; I’ve met so many amazing people from my time in IFATC, and I will say with 100% confidence that had I not joined, I wouldn’t have met all the wonderful people I currently know.

People in IFATC are pretty supportive and rather open to conversation. Owing to the fact that you get to interact with so many people from various backgrounds and experiences, you also learn a lot of things about aviation and the likes. It’s more than just a chance to control and build new relationships, but also a tremendous opportunity to get more involved and learn new things!

IFATC pushes your horizons and it’ll help your personal and mental growth as well. You’ll get to build relationships and learn about things that’ll last you your lifetime. It’s definitely something that’s worth investing your time into, in my opinion.

If this isn’t enough incentive, feel free to reach out to controllers you see around as well and ask them for their personal stories! Get to understand things on a deeper level. Ultimately, IFATC, like other things, is what you yourself make of it. But it’s definitely something I think you wouldn’t regret putting time and energy into.


Um you made be scared how would you get on Tyler bad side exactly?

And I made my decision and said it is worth it and I will put my energy into it thanks.


Tyler is one of the nicest people you will ever meet and is always open to teaching you instead of intimidating or yelling at you. Connor was just joking.


Ok good to know.

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I can definitely support what Jarrett said. Tyler may be a busy man, but he’s one of the most supportive and down-to-earth people (and a great mentor) that I’ve met. He’s always got time for a question, brief chat, or to help keep you on your feet if things don’t go your way.


Ok thanks everyone.

Tyler’s not who you have to worry about.


Ok @JoshFly8 thanks.

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Ummm should that even be a question?🤔 IFATC is an amazing place for controllers. Everyone helps you out! And when you go wrong accidentally I don’t see a single person who’s not ready to help you out. And you also get to help out too! And you make many friends along the way. So all in all its 100% worth it in my opinion.

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On a more realistic note, everything Danny (@ToasterStroodie) has said is spot on. I’ve been a part of the team for… close to six years now, I think. Multiple facets of my life, including my interpersonal skills and my current positions in Infinite Flight, can be owed to my development within IFATC over the years. As long as you stick by the following three rules, you’ll be fine.

  1. Don’t lie. It’s never worth it.
  2. Be honest with yourself. People want to get to know the real you.
  3. Be trustworthy. Know when it’s appropriate to keep things in confidence and when it’s not.

Rules aside, I’m going to be dead by 30 with how much stress those people place on me, so there’s that, I guess.