Is it worth getting a region now?

With global, is it worth buying a region now? Looking at getting the Caribbean.


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I recommend that you wait.


caribbean and florida are my 2 favourites… we don’t really know when global will be out so i would go for it

I would buy live+.


Is there a date for global?

There will be once it’s released


This is actually interesting…i dont mind paying extra for global…but since i bought all regions available…i strongly hope that there is a discount for that…not to mention all the planes i bought singularly…


How long would you wait for?

Who knows when Global would come out. I would plump to either get a region, love for a month or even Live Plus!

As no one here knows when Global will come out or even what the price structure will be so I wouldn’t change the way to purchase regions or live for the time being!

I’m very impatient.

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I’d go for it! Global flight could be a 1 month or 1year so I’d buy it :)

As AR said i would go for live+ or hold of on the regions. No one knows the price scheme for global so buying a region may not be worth it.


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