Is it worth buying the Samsung Galaxy View?

I am thinking of buying the Samsung Galaxy View because it has a very big screen so I can conect it with a joystick. If anyone has bought this, does it run Infinite Flight smoothly or I have to go and buy an Ipad Pro?
Also do you have to suggest me any other Android tablets?


Ok umm first off your title doesn’t make sense, you might want to change it. Personally I would prefer the iPad Pro because I can guarantee you it will be smoother to run than any Android tablet i.e. less crashing. How much experience do you have with IF in terms of hours, because if you haven’t got a lot it may be tricky to just go straight into using a joystick and a very large tablet such as the iPad Pro. I hope this helps.

Read first.

Read too.

I have to go and buy an Ipad Pro?

I can recommand the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2. It runs very smooth, even with all graphic settings max and airplane count on medium.

no mostly businesses use the galaxy view for presentations rather than the average consumer like us


My dad works for samsung and he took a view home for a day, amazing machine, but I think it is too big for if.


I think flying a plane with something that big will be a nuisance. ATC controlling wise it would be amazing though.

The iPad Pro is a really nice bit of kit - big but not big enough be clumsy.

The Google Pixel C and Nvidia Shield K1 are both solid android tablets if that’s the OS you desire.


I would recommend any iPad Pro the bigger one or the smaller one


I have 100,000 XPs and 114 hours in IF and thanks for your suggestion.

Nvidia Shield K1 is what I would suggest. Equal performance to the pad pro for half the price.

Not to mention unless you have live+ you will have to buy everything again if you get an iPad pro


I know that. But I dont think The Shield has that big of a screen. Thats why I want to buy a tablet. I alreade have a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ so yeah.

True - but its really smooth at running games which makes up for its screen size shortcomings.

Ok. Currently its out of stock so I will wait.

The android tablets aren’t that popular and I definitely would not recommend Samsung I had one and I personally hated it

Oh ok but I also consider the fact that I dont need to buy everythink again.

what have you already bought?

No I havent bought a tablet yet. So I ask you guys to give me some pieces of advice. My device I play Infinite Flight is a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ (Plus) but I would like to play on an even bigger screen.

I mean what have you bought on IF as you will have to buy it again

Do you have a big TV with a HDMI port? If so, consider a Google Chromecast dongle and you can play IF on the TV.

I have an S6 edge+ the same as you, and it does work quite well.