Is it worth buying multiple 787s?

I actually bought all 787.
I like the shape and the cockpit. it is better than buying multiple c-130

I recommend the 787-8 and 787-9 don’t bother with the -10 unless you have extra money.

Was it a good decision? I’m thinking of buying the 10, Ive already got the 9.

Yes the -10 is a very good decision for GLOBAL.

But for now you might wanna stick with the -9 until global.

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I purchased the -8 only because of the Avianca livery, but the -9 is my preferred 787.

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I have Live+ but I prefer the -8 because of its size and I love the Delta and Qatar livery on it.

I have all 3, they’re pretty similar to look at (although they’re different lengths), identical to fly, so I’d just choose the one with your favourite liveries first, and then you can always buy the others afterwards!

I wouldn’t do it unless the plane you originally bought was the 787-10. It doesn’t have many liveries.

I would only buy one 787 and save money to buy global. I bought the 787 8 some time ago and it’s an incredible aircraft ! It’s so smooth to fly and you get the best landings and takeoffs

Well if the 787-8 is smooth to fly with best landing and takeoffs…

wouldn’t the 787-9 & -10 have the best landings and takeoff and smooth motions?

Yes of course they have. I never said the contrary

All the aircraft fly differently to me. Even if it is a multiple variant, weight and balance due to length changes it for me. anyways the 777 is the smoothest imo. 747 always lands hard due to fragile gear.

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