Is it worth buying multiple 787s?

Do people without live+ happen to have more than one 787? Is it worth it?


Depends if they have the liveries you like.


I like what liveries are on the -9, but got the -10, when the update first came out.

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I’d say no, money is better spent on other aircraft. Have never brought more than one.

It’s personal preference; I wouldn’t buy an extra aircraft just for liveries, other would.


Why don’t you tell us if it’s worth it to you 🙄


They fly the same to me, the liveries are different. The rest is totally your call but that’s the extent of it in my opinion.

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But that’s what he’s trying to ask you. Would it be worth it? Because he dosent own multiple 787’s like some others do. And he’s asking for they’re opinion.

I happen to have all three. They do fly the same, primary difference are the liveries for each. I fly the 787-9 more than the others.


I know what he’s asking, but no matter what we say it’s still a decision for him to make if it’s worth it or not.


In a way yes and no…

I myself bought the 787-10 and 787-9.

In my opinion no, same cockpit, similar handling. But if you want the -8,-9 and -10 for the liveries, than go for it ;)

Why can’t people make any decisions for themselves. I totally agree with @Brandon_Sandstrom. What do people with all the 787s know that the person asking doesn’t?

It’s a simple question - does HE want the extra liveries? It’s virtually the exact same aircraft and it’s probably likely that the actual coded physics in UF are the same, or if not the same, extremely similar.

Put on your big boy pants and make a decision. Is it worth it for YOU. Do YOU want to spend the money on it. Asking for another persons opinion whether it’s ‘worth it’ with no other validation, is useless!


There are some differences. The -8 is the most powerful and has the lowest takeoff speed. The -9 is a bit longer and less powerful. The -10 is the least powerful but does has some nice liveries

The 787-8 is awesome and I love the Jetstar livery, but the 787-9 looks good too and it has so many good liveries! I had to get both. I’m not really interested in the 787-10 because no airlines I like are getting it and it looks too long.


Yeah, true. I had the same thoughts as you. In the Christmas specials, where we got Live + for a few minutes, I tired the 787-10 out. Hard to take off and land straight off the bat.

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Get the B787-9 and -8. The -10 doesn’t have many liveries and is rather hard to fly.

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I bought none of them but they all fly great! (Live+)


I have live plus, all I use is the 787-9. Just by the one that use the liveries you like.

I dont get the point of buying two 787s yet they have the same handlling and multiple liveries. I stuck to the 787-8