Is it worth buying live+?

Let me know please!! :)


Yes, Yes and yes.


If you aren’t entirely sure get a month subscription and try it out for yourself, the bets part about it is the ATC and other players so you can try that out for a month and if you don’t think it’s any good for you. No biggie only £5, I did this for a few months before getting Live + I didn’t care as I already bought most planes but it’s nice having them all and it’s much more value for money as long as you use it. This only applies if you haven’t already got live which you haven’t stated if you have or not, if you do then it’s obvious to get it. Do the right thing 🤣


Here’s my 2 cents. It’s the best value for your money, that is a fact. I also discussed previously with Misha that when your subscription expires you will no longer have access to the otherwise pay only aircraft and regions. For the price I personally think it’s easy to renew annually, so I just threw that bit of info out there simply so that you would have it.


Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. and Yes.


I don’t think Emil put enough emphasis on that… his comment times 100


Yes, it is.

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Yes. Worth it, absolutely

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Very worth it !!! I bought 1 month to test if I like it , I sure do like it!!! NO REGRETS


…Just kidding!
Of course it is! Worth every penny! It’s a much better value in the long run.

I have to agree, it is worth every cent. Very happy with Infinite Flight.

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Totally worth it!

Cheaper, all aircraft and all regions. Yes!

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I would think its the best return, you fly for a year with all the aircraft you want. If by any chance you decide to quit IF, you would not have spent hundreds of dollars on planes you no longer fly. Your Accound simply expires and thats that. Unless you intend to be on live+ up until the cost out weighs all cost of 12 individual live, all aircrafts and all regions.

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Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes. Absolutely necessary

Defintaly! Do it!

It is definitely worth it. Go out and get it now! :)

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Yes, It’s worth it. You won’t ever regret it as you have all access to any regions and any aircrafts (Until Your Subscription expires) and can enjoy ATC Access (Once you reached Grade 2) and flying with other Infinite Flight users accross the globe!

The only reason I don’t buy Live+ is because I’m doing many school stuff in a year. Hence why I bought Live (Monthly) instead.

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With Live, you get limited aircraft and regions, and it costs $5 a month, $60 a year if you buy consecutive months in a row.

BUT WITH LIVE+, you get every airplane AND region, $10 CHEAPER! To buy all the paid aircraft with Live could cost nearly $100! YIKES! Of course a $70-90 bargain with Live+ is worth it.

Without a doubt.