Is it true?

Hey everyone so I got 5 violations for not paying attention while descending and my friend told me that I have to wait 1 year to get my grade back if it’s true reply pls cause I really don’t want this to happen.

This is not true all you have to do is do a couple more landing for your grade to come back

Could you show us your grade table please?

@Gm2kmike20 not really, he needs to wait at least 7 days for them to expire.


Really I thought all he needed was to get more landings to count them out

I recently got 5 violations (note that I had 0 before that so I didn’t have to wait for one year if that is the case with you) when my autopilot accidentally disengaged.

I had to wait for 1 week till my grade came back to Grade 3 (which was today).

That’s the violation/landing which has to be at 0.20 or lower to maintain Grade 3.

the 1 year waiting is for ghosting, which you may have to wait to increase your grade if you get 2 ghosts (for G3 to G4)


So I wait 1 week?

Ideally, yes. But if you have a bad violation/landing ratio you’d need to wait a bit more and get more landings. This is why a screenshot would come in handy.

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I was descending and I forgot that I was below 10000 and I was going 300 knots and I forgot about it so yea

This is my grade table

Yep, 7 days after the last day you got your violation on you should be good.

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Oh ok tysm for your time:)

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