Is it true? Is Southwest not serving peanuts anymore?


FOX, ABC and CNN just reported that Southwest Airlines (WN/SWA) will stop serving peanuts on all flights. Southwest said in a statement to CNN news "Our ultimate goal is to create an environment where all customers – including those with peanut-related allergies – feel safe and welcome on every Southwest flight.” Southwest also said the last flight to serve peanuts will be on July 31, 2018. This means that on August 1, 2018, Southwest will not serve peanuts! The question is why? Why all a sudden does Southwest stop serving peanuts. FOX explains that Southwest Airlines has had lots of lawsuits and complaints among costumers on flights. FOX also explains that one family had to use a EpiPen on their 9 year-old child because he was having a severe reaction to a bag of peanuts. So what will the Dallas based airline do? They will replace all peanuts with pretzels! Personally, I will miss the iconic peanuts. They were always an highlight! Luckily for me, I will be taking an 5 hour flight on July 31, 2018 so I’ll try to get as many peanuts as I can!




RIP Southwest Peanuts

I was not even served peanuts last week on my southwest flight :(


You will what with the iconic peanuts? Some typo haha.

No peanuts on my SWA flight last week either…due to passenengers with peanut allergies…


Even though I love peanuts I would be willing to compromise because if I was allergic to them I personally wouldn’t want to fly in fear of possibly having a reaction especially if it’s life threatening. I value people’s lives more than peanuts 🥜


Can’t help but agree. Do we like peanuts? Yeah. Do we like life-threatening allergic reactions? No. (unless you’re a little twisted in the head)


I think this for the better. They used to not serve peanuts on flights where there was an allergy but it’s hard to clean the plane to ensure there are no peanuts left over from the previous flight when layovers are only about an hour long. Their pretzels are good too and now that they serve Oreos and other Nabisco snacks on flights over 3-4 hours I’m not upset.


I know some airlines serve almonds instead of peanuts. Less risk of allergies according to my friends who have peanut allergies.


This is why I love southwest!!!


I personally like pretzels better than peanuts and it makes it more safe for people so good move


They did for me sadly I can’t have peanuts 😔


Now, I have a non life threatening egg allergy, but the eating part of flying is harder than it usually is, frequently you don’t eaven know what they will have to eat on the flight, so you can’t really garintee a snack, and eaven in the airport you have way less options, and they can have a bigger impact on your schedule than at a mall say. Honestly I see why this is needed it must be a pain in the butt to need to sort out which flights do, wich flights don’t, etc. also there is a big risk of cross contamination is the plane is not cleaned properly, just a lot of problems from that…

but I will miss the peanuts, they were awesome…


Yes they were very good. Honey roasted is the best!


I only had them once, but they were 100% the best peanuts I ate…


What the hell

Are you telling me that you will begin to urinate peanuts


I think @Plane-Train-TV meant “miss” 😂


in the bathroom la de da de dum AAAAAAAAAAAAAA WHAT THE H*CK


Personally, I don’t like the snacks on SWA at all. The Pretzels are Dry as dry can be, and the Peanuts are too salty. I won’t miss the snacks


I just don’t like any type of nut.


I’m allergic to peanuts sooo yay?


If your really sad about the peanuts on southwest going away here’s the link to we’re correct me if I’m wrong southwest gets there peanuts.