Is it safe to stay parked in expert?

Is it safe to lounge at your parking gate in IF on Expert Server, and tune into the tower frequency to listen to the transmissions for learning? Will I be ghosted by the ground controller?

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You will not be ghosted. :)


You will not get ghosted however I would advise changing your display name to something like “SPOTTING” so you don’t risk getting on-guarded being asked what your intentions are.

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On multiple ocassions I’ve spent more than 2 hours on the tarmac, and 6 hours in one. Not once was I asked by the ground about my intentions. Maybe the best thing you can do is to ensure that you are not tuned into the Ground frequency in the first place so these issues do not arise.


I don’t think so, since you’re not disturbing at all i guess there’s no problem :)
Just indentify yourself, in busy airports, stay on the frequency can cause problems in the tower

Ok, thank you.

There is nothing wrong with tuning into an active frequency, provided that you stay put and don’t interfere. Aircraft tags are sorted by activity, so if you’re inactive you’ll be right at the bottom. Chances are that if you do decide to tune in the controller would hardly even notice you.


I would never ghost someone who simply parks at the gate. I usually do it after arrival on the FNFs too :)

Oh roger, thought that may be a problem because the ATC could give him a command unintentionally, didn’t knew about this inactive thing, sorry

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You don’t even need to change your callsign to “SPOTTING”. If a controller on guards you, they’re doing something wrong… unless

  1. You’re blocking someone (like your aircraft is too big and blocking parts of the taxiway
  2. You’re moving

Really, It is a good idea!

I ´ll apply it.


I’ve once done that, for 6 hours straight. I didn’t use SPOTTING etc as my callsign. No on guard messages or say intentions were sent :)

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