Is it safe to leave device when connected to Center?


I am doing a flight from Melbourne to Brisbane and I am connected to Center. Can I leave my device?

You can! Just make sure to be at your device during initial contact and during your descent. We will be able to see if you are active at your device or not and will leave you alone if you are not active.


Yes, as long as you are cruising, not climbing or descending.

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Well I have reached my cruising altitude so I will go eat :)


I’m coming from San Francisco and heading to Sydney. I just entered the Brisbane FIR but I’m not able to connect to it. Why?

You must be 270 nautical miles from center to be able to contact it for now.

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But I’m in the center area right now. Do I need to be 270 nautical miles from Brisbane because I’m in the Brisbane center area?

Correct. For now you must be 270 nautical miles to be able to contact a center frequency. The lines are the airspace that center frequency covers in real life but for Infinite Flight right now you can only contact them 270 nautical miles out.

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Center Frequencies are operating in a radius of 270nm around the Airport they opened… for example if someone opens the freq at YBBN, its 270nm arount there… a single Center frequency does not handle the whole FIR Boundary

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Ok! Thanks! I hope they increase the distance soon

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Thank you! That helps a lot!

When exactly is our inactivity shown at Centers screen? When our flight turns on the low power mode? Or after 1 minute not touching the device? Or maybe sth else?

„Inactive“ is shown 2min after not touching your device

Then we should wait at least 2 minutes after reaching the cruise level and then leave our device 😉

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