Is it recommended to use Game Launcher or not?

I was just wondering, I have a game launcher that tries to improves performance. Sometimes, when it sometimes lags or not, something blue appears on the right side which means it’s trying to improve performance. Should I use the game launcher or turn it off?

Personally, I would keep it off for something like IF. Not sure, but that’s what I would do.

I personally wouldn’t recommend it, however I don’t think it would hurt to try it. I do know others have tried it, but I don’t know what device or what version of Infinite Flight they were on.

I used once but didn’t see any difference. I only use the gaming mode included in my phone.

Ok, I will try it later.

You can try. I have used MIUI game booster for ages without getting crashes. It actually blocks wechat calls which is nice.

You’re talking about the Game Launcher app on Samsung devices right?

probably yes, because game launchers on Samsung devices have the blue line on the side

Using a build in first party game launcher that comes with your device will in most cases help. Third party ones can be a hit or miss, you can always try and see what works best!

i used it but my phone kept freezing and restarting. not recommended by me. it helped alot

Absolutely recommend, I’m on a S10 and it is able to tell how much performance is needed It also helps with temperature control.

It saves your battery.

You can also use the screen lock to dim the screen. Depending on the version the screen can completely shut off, saving your precious pixels.

i wouldn’t really recommend it imo. i had a lot less crashes after deactivating

What device are you using

Your experience is not like mine.

I’ve been flying 2 years with the Samsung tab s2 and a month with a S10 and no crashes were due to the game launcher.

i’m using a S10+ i thought that you still knew but game launcher is really not that good imo

S10+ (and the whole s10 family) crashes aren’t caused by the game launcher

it isn’t completely caused by the game launcher but it crashes a lot less since i deactivated it

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