Is it really that hard?

Do people still not know how to act on the Expert Server? Been waiting in the line of aircraft waiting to takeoff 15L at CYYZ for 45+ minutes and two dudes decide to cut in front of everyone and when we squeeze them off they continue to taxi through aircraft. It’s enraging and not hard to notice a line of 10+ aircraft patiently waiting. “Kaptein Edvin” I’m talking to you!!


Maybe let the controller know? Lots of planes at YYZ today as it is the hub!


If you want better service, fly elsewhere, not at the main hub.

As I type this reply, Ottawa, Cincinnati, Indianaoplis, and St. Louis all have frequencies open.

As for the taxiing through others, it happens, but they will receive the appropriate penalty if a controller catches them.


as annoying as this may be sometimes. many pilots are not on the IFC so sadly I doubt you will have an ability to contact him. As long as you are holding yourself to the high expectations of the Expert Server, you should feel good because you can’t control how other pilots act, (unless you’re IFATC ;)


Yes’m unfortunately these people still patroll the expert server - see what I did there

It is a shame, but unfortunately, you’ll never completely get rid of them.


The controller is doing an excellent job and the service/traffic does not bother me. It’s the pilots that have no respect for others flying.

It’s truly sad how much the ES has degraded over the last few weeks and months. Unfortunately there’s not much we can do about this unless IFATC was active at the airport. Hopefully the new violation system will improve the amount of realism on the server.

I also know exactly how this feels. I was taxiing back to the gate after a landing at PHNL. I was on the taxiway that goes out over the ocean. I saw a DC-10 coming towards me, and he could’ve changed the taxiway that he was on but he decided not to… and taxied straight through me.

Hopefully this will be enforced with the new violation system.

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I’ll reiterate this, but if you want faster, more efficient service with less aircraft, fly elsewhere. If you fly at the main hub, you should know what you are getting yourself into.


Also, you can report them. I believe if 3 pilots in total report a user using the button next to the copy fpl button, the system will ghost them. Not sure though.

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Oh trust me I have reported him… LoL

System was deactivated a long time ago and only works for moderators and some IFATC supervisors. Clicking it does nothing.

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The report button doesn’t work anymore after it was abused.

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I was ground control until about 15mins ago. Traffic at the hub today is crazy busy. For 15L I was generally issuing a progressive right turn before reaching 05 so that we had a nice orderly queue with no pushing and no runway blocking. Unfortunately it doesn’t always pan out and isn’t always possible to catch everyone in time to issue a progressive!

But it’s busy. So long as you act in a respectable manner, that’s the important thing :) justice will reach those that aren’t one day if they carry on.


I believe you started out as my controller. You did a fantastic job as is the current controller.

Just to add on to what @Thunderbolt mentioned earlier, I’ve almost entirely stopped flying into hub airports, especially during FNFs. Although I enjoyed flying with other air traffic - which I’m sure is what attracts other users to fly into large hubs - the lack of realism and shenanigans I’ve experienced at busy airports has drove me up a wall. Recently I’ve been flying in/out of airfields with much less traffic, and I don’t miss the large conga lines one bit. From personal experience I tend to find more professional behavior from pilots at smaller/less busy airports.

This quote from one of Maxmustang’s threads basically sums this up:



Title misleading. Doesn’t summarize what topic is about. Other than that, we don’t need topics calling others out. Best to try to hunt them down and send them a polite message about what they did wrong and right. If ATC was available, let us know and we will chat with the controller as to why they didn’t take action on such user. If ATC was not available, let a mod know and we can look into it in our free time.