Is it really necessary?

Is it really necessary to cancel a flight for this ???

Please comment About ;-)


Wow… Cancelled because of that?


Yeaah it’s amazing! I’m chocked

Weird, maybe they don’t want to be embarrassed in front of other airlines?


Wow, wouldn’t expect that to be cancelled!

Measuring the scratches?

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Yeah but a crack in the airframe can be fatal. If that widens at 36000ft and breaks apart mid flight, it could tear parts of the fuselage away. It seems ridiculously small but they won’t be taking any risks with that. There was an Aloha Airlines 737-200 that had a large part of the material blow off purely because of invisible metal fatigue, so stuff like that does happen.


@Aernout could you tell us please if it’s really necessary to cancel the flight for that ? Is it really dangerous? Thanks in advance

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I tell you, an airline, no matter if it’s even Emirates, will still want the planes in the air. If it’s on the ground, it’s not making money. Therefore it must be critical.


Dont really need @Aernout advice since @AtomicHerbster4 stated. As an airplane increases altitude the external pressure lowers usually more then the cabin pressure therefore causing the material to expand.

That A380 could break apart midair. Thats why its grounded.

This is also one of the reasons airplanes are put out of service-airframe fatigue.


Clickbait-y title, just saying.


I know if I were a RSA for that flight, we would 100% be calling mx to inspect the aircraft. Even something non structural like the nosecone, dings and dents are taken very seriously.

@Maxim yep but they’ll have an even bigger bill to pay if that aircraft goes down because of maintainance negligence


We don’t know if Aernout flies for Emirates (probably does)
But just for fun.
I know Aernout parked the A380 the wrong way!

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If you feel unsafe, you should cancel the flight.


I don’t see anything.

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Read the tweet. It says…

slightly damaged by a jet bride at O’Hare upon arrival.

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