Is it possiblle to do inter-region flights?

Is it possible to go from one region to another? If so do you have to point a certain direction?

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It is possible and not possible :P

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@Dush…go on LiveFlight App and see people doing it…hahaha… @divebuddha not so complicated as you think…

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i flew from Singaore to Amsterdam…from LAX to Sydney…from San Fran to NYC…Chicago to TNCM…from Paris to TFFR…so yea get cracking

BTW, can you see the other region’s charts once you enter it?

I just SYD to LAX, charger was nearly on fire


No you can’t Jon, it’s pretty pointless but I suppose it adds to the realism of long haul, and builds up hours really fast, not that it’s important, would be good to do the long hauls if they bring on the PC version


The whole community does this

@dush19 @qf737400 @Jonathan_Hinson i only know about me and i DO see a small few doing it as well…i must admit that you will have to recharge or leave in your device charged but it gets super hot…my longest was 13hrs…but yesterday is saw a guy do 37hrs in B737…hahahaha…for me some regions are way too small to enjoy and i am sick of the same LAX - SAN - PSP route all the time…SMH…so this is a little bit better,kind of…but just nothing to see and when getting ready to land,it take real patience to do this…about twice a week i wil super-long haul and give my device a rest…

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Notice two long haul flights from the LiveFlight website:

By the way, those red squares are the infinite flight regions for those that don’t know, So yeah, I guess it can be done. I tried LA to San Fran but at the edge of the region I lost throttle control on auto pilot. Every time I set it, it would slip back to zero. So I guess if you want to sit there with your thumb on manual throttle for, what, 10-16 hrs, you can do it.

I’m going to try in the f14 at full speed, and see what happens, there’s no AP to begin with so I am hoping to get a better result to report back.

Free Flight server please :) It crashes on the ATC side if you come from another region

Thanks, I am just setting things up for my maiden inter-regional flight test. I am going to use the free flight server, flying an F14 from the coast guard parking hangar at San Diego to where ever in San Fran. In about five mins. Will report back when I land, or whatever I discover.

OK, well it can be done, but as has been said, it is completely pointless. At the other end there are other pilots, but no airports, at least from my test run. There is no terrain either.

My take is:

SHARE THE LOVE! It is obviously possible to fly inter region, so what needs to happen is the IFF devs should share the love of the app with other devs that can be outsourced to build, develop the necessary code to make it happen legitimately and in a playable way. Share the cost, share the code, and I will share my money! I am quite prepared to pay handsomely for the option to have interregional flight. You could have say exit and entry waypoints with the option to fast forward to that region, fly to that region manually, or turn around and fly back to whence you came. But with autothrottle please… holding the throttle open manually is not fun. It seems that this ability is just a ‘code-throw’ away from being a reality as is.

But for now, it just isn’t satisfying at all. But go ahead try for yourselves, I’d be interested to hear from others.


I was the SQA21
ITS easy,… Put game on pauze And Navigate thru LIVEFLIGHT,…
Although they say iTS not allowed except for the free flight server,…

Sooooooo after 13 hrs flying in pause what have you achieved? You can’t see any of he charts in the other regions, or any of the land , so you don’t really get much enjoyment out of it. Plus there is a good chance of causing the server to crash…hence why DEVs ask us not do it!!

I have heard that DEVS are working on interregion flight / expanded regions as this is something they would like as well! Patience is a virtue!

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David,… Relax. The SQA21 was months And months ago,…
What i gained,… Well thats up to me to decide. Not you,… IF you dont like iT ,., whatever. IDC,… And i decided myself What i Archieved,… Thats not for you to say,…
I happen to like Navigate thru LIVEFLIGHT And fly the world,… Copy exact flightplans,…

I dont fly intregional anymore but everybody enjoys IF on their now level,… Dont judge me doing not What u like to do,… Flying Endless cirkels in a Tiny region,…

Certainly not judging you Paul, and I agree that everybody has there own likes and dislike. I would love to fly long haul, but as its not possible yet ( without causing issues with servers) guess have to satisfy myself flying SID and STAR in the regions that we have available! :-)