Is It Possible To...


Is it possible to

1.Crash By Hitting Another Plane In IF above 40000 feet for 10 minutes in IF nyan cat above 40000 feet in IF around the world 10 times In IF
5.hit the moon with all aircraft in IF
6.Aircraft break half in IF your mom flying like a superwoman below 40000 feet in IF
8.reach 10 mach with passenger plane in IF all your friend in IF
10.your phone crash when you approaching busy airport
11.would this topic get 9363927 likes?


what I mean at (2) is not 40100feet.its like 50000 feet or even better-100000 feet!


9.your friend…dont u have friend?
5.moon exist bro…
2.i’ve tried 50000 feet and I cant even stay at 50000 feet for 1 min


this topic was just for fun ok.I didnt ask all that possible or not


Is it possible for you to…

  1. Ask question about IF
  2. Start constructive topics
  3. Not waste everyone time
  4. Be clever
  5. Or shut-up.


If you ask stupid question. You would get stupid answer. He given you right answers. If you keep doing this you will get banned. So its first and last


fine.its first and last


Thanks, you are very welcome to ask question about IF and general aviation anytime.

  1. Yes, but when you do your ipad/tablet/phone reacts in kind and will explode in your hand. Best avoided.

  2. No. The area above 40,000 is guarded by feral Tapirs. They are angry and they will eat your plane.

  3. See above. Tapirs. Angry.

  4. Yes. But first you must win the the Twelve Trials of IF before you can progress to this. If you ask what they are then you are clearly not worthy.

  5. The Moon doesn’t exist and is a figment of your warped imagination.

  6. Yes. See number one though.

  7. No. That would be silly.

  8. Yes. But you need additional mods and cheat codes for that. They cost £10,000 and I will pass them on to you once you’ve paid the fee into my paypal account.

  9. No. They don’t play IF. Because they’re losers and I hate them.

  10. If you approach the airport side on, without making eye contact then your phone shouldn’t crash. If it does you have only yourself to blame.

  11. Doubt it. It’s a rubbish topic. I give it -100/10.


I can cruise 70000 ft and I also flew over the moon at 162000 ft.


really? -_-


Yes in fact my profile picture is a screen shot of 162000 ft


And here folks we have a classic example of somebody who flies in the playground bouncing down the runway after a 250knot IAS short final on autopilot…




Aaaaaaaand how is that relevant?


whoa…not bad man


This behaviour is not acceptable on playground nor on the forum with what he did in the original post.


Then why click the like button?


but is it possible to stay at that altitude for a while?


Yeah sure.