Is it possible to walk from the MSP terminal to the spotting location safely?

This summer I am going on a trip to Minneapolis and I am planning on going spotting at the spotting location at the airport. We will not have a car. To anyone who has been to that location, is it possible to walk from the terminal to the spotting location?


I think it should be okay as long as you don’t go inside of the airports physical perimeters i guess

I’m assuming you’re talking about the little spotting park next to the infield cargo ramp. I wouldn’t say so, you’re basically walking through an industrial area with FedEx and UPS trucks rolling past you without a sidewalk, so it’s not really safe. I wouldn’t be surprised if the airport police asked you some questions too, they are stingy around here sometimes. Your best bet to spot is to use the Concourse D observation deck or the parking garage.

You can get some solid pics from the parking garage:


Thank you for your answer! I think I will follow your advice because the parking garage and observation deck would be more convenient to us anyway than the spotting park.

Another option, if it’s done by when you go is the new DL SkyClub they are building up above G gates, looks like there will be a nice balcony and wide windows, so that might be a good opportunity as well.

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Thank you! We are flying Delta to MSP so we could go to the lounge if it’s finished by the time we go.


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