Is it possible to set different alt in a fpl ?

I was wondering if you could set different altitudes for doing long haul step climbs in the autopilot?

This is not a feature included with Infinite Flight at the moment, you have to manually climb the aircraft yourself using autopilot.

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No, not just in IF, however, you can get the app In-Flight Assistant (iOS) v1.065: Take IF to the next level! (Latest features: shaky cam, new PA voice, and more!) and it is possible to do step climbing.


You can also head over to #features and request it if it hasnt already been

ahh, I’m doing London - Perth overnight so I won’t be looking at my screen all the time.

You dont have to manually do it.The link hi15td sent is where you can do it

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I just meant in the game itself, without any add-ons such as IFA.

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Ohh I gotcha

I’m surprised they haven’t put a VNAV in. They must be intentionally missing it out or it is really hard to implement.

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They (FDS) does not intentionally leave out anything, but yes, I imagine it would require a large amount of work to implement successfully.

but you could see a lot people setting it up for overnights and sleeping in and causing havoc in IFATC areas.

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You should be way above FL180, which is the top altitude IFATC are told to contact aircraft.

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