Is it possible to see pitch?

When taking off with no hud in the cockpit the screens in the cockpit are just too small to read accurately. Also, there is no way to get the normal hud back in the newer cockpits. Is there any way to see pitch in the bottom flight data strip?

Hmm theres a third party app that you can use. I try find it now

If you go to systems on the right side and slide to interface there is the option to turn on the hud in cockpit view

You have the option to show Angle of Attack on the bottom strip. Hold down over one of the info boxes then go to the all the way left one, AOA is at the top, although from what I understand thats a little different.

yea but it is not lined up the correct way like it used to be. at least for the newer aircraft

yea but that is angle of attack which is not the same as pitch

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In-Flight Instruments (iOS): Live Instruments Add-on for Infinite Flight

Yea, I forgot that. Its a shame we don’t have that on the bottom strip as an option.

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