is it possible to request an approach at 30000 ft ?

Hi I would like to know if it s possible to request an approach at 30000 ft ?

Thank you

I believe it is possible…

someone can correct me on this

It is possible, but Approach might tell you to enter a holding pattern and descend to the altitude you need to be at.

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Not on training server the ATC won’t even know what to do

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Here’s a couple questions and my suggestions:

  1. What server?
  2. Do you know why it would be reasonable?
    My suggestion:
    I usually request decent, then at 12K ft I request radar vectors, then at 6K I request my appr.

Technically yes, but it is recommended that you at least descend to somewhere around 10,000-FL180 before contacting Approach.

RADAR facilities have an airspace which only extends to FL180.

If you’re requesting approach at FL300, meaning you’re fairly close to the field, you’re too high for that point in the flight anyway. You should be in their airspace by that point.


I hope you don’t do this on expert…


Please don’t do this. Request what you want from the start.


You should tune into approach 50 nm away, and ask for what you want right away (which should only be one thing).
It is possible to request an approach at 30000 feet, but you shouldn’t do it.

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It’s possible, but it’s REALLY annoying when you do.

I’m grade 3, but I don’t fly expert.

As @Tim_B put it class B starts at 18000 msl, that’s where the approach controls. Above 18000 it’s central, I don’t think he will vector you to airports all the way. But saying that earlier today at LFPG pilot contacted approach from 30000ft, 30miles out