Is it possible to reach 100,000ft?

I’ve been wanting to fly real high in Infinite flight. What jet will I need and any tips. Thanks

It is possible in a fighter. You need to get to like 30,000 feet then get as much speed as possible then pitch all the way up 90 degrees.

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Or climb to around 40,000 feet the dive straight through the ground. It glitches and pushes you back into the sky at mach 20 and shots you into space


Thank you for helping me achieve my goal :D


Is it possible? My goodness it’s actually easy. Spawn in a fighter, go to 30,000ft, gain some speed and go up. If you went to 100,000ft in the days of the old scenery the terrain would start to break down

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The big question is - is it possible to go higher?

It’s a kind of a duplicate

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Yeah I’ve reached 115000 ft but stalled out. Try it with the F-22


Your welcome…

It should…

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