Is it possible to move my stats from one account to another?

Having an account for 3 years in IF is great, but when your 14 year old self decides to name himself chickencoolness, your 17 year old self would question his existence. So I’m just wondering if I could change my username or transfer my stats to a new account.


You can! just shoot a PM to @moderators and they’ll help you out.

Also please remember you can only do this once.

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Yep, you can change your IFC username by contacting the mods. However, keep in mind you can only change it once.

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Oh, awesome. thank you!

Thank you!

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I’ve done things way worse than a funny nickname that my 17 yearold self will hate my 14 yearold self for :)

as suggested above contact moderators

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I know, it’s the worst. 😂
thank you.

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