Is it possible to have two accounts on IF?

Hello, IFC.

So, my brother wants to know since he’s thinking about getting back into IF whether it’s possible to have multiple accounts. Reason being, he has a lot of violations and wants to get rid of them since he knows what’s up with everything now.



I think so but I would have to start from scratch

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I think you have to buy new subscription for new acc.

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Your brother has to start from scratch then subscribe using the desired subscriptions but if he wants to get rid of the violations he just has to do the sufficient amount of landings to wash the violations off

Remember touch and goes and long hauls help get those violations off

Remember to resubscribe here are the amounts
1 month-£/$9.49
6 months-£/$49.99
12 months/1 year-£/$79.99

Also remember if you really want to create a new account just go to Google and type in Google Account Sign Up

Hope this helped 😉

Why, if you see me flying I’ll have over 200 violations, and 200 of them for violating airspace and land at too small airports, and overspeed between 2013-2014
(I was 9)
And I have no problem

Yes but that was in 2013-14 this is 2019 no offence but this is talking about the present time 😉

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And me…had around 65 vios in 2 months when I was younger… I wasn’t that good at flying (HOW TO TAKE-OFF : Part 1 (my head) What’s take-off?

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Not necessary. The legacy players will have tons of violations. Remember standings and airspace violations guys? 😂

But to answer the question, feel free to pay for as many accounts as you want.

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Hello friends, I am this brother that wants to get back into IFC. I have not played IF since January of last year, so I do not have an active subscription. Most of my violations are overspeeding because i didn’t really care about it rofl. Anyways thanks guys

Of you use an iOS device, be careful: Apple doesn’t like people using two accounts working under the one Apple ID. You may get some unpredictable stuff during your login to IF.

As long as you have multiple email addresses.

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