Is it possible to have a violation get taken back?

Technically you can get server ghosted on Training for to many violations in one session i think. Could be wrong

Yes, the ghosting limit is five.

I can’t share it

You learned what not to do near an airport on TS. That’s the point of violations and such. Isnt punishment. But more of something so you learn.

No can share, no can help.

Read the instructions on the website… there’s not a lot to misunderstand.

If you can’t share a replay there’s nothing we can do :)

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Reports for Aerobatics and Runway Idle are session ghosts. They only kick you from the session, but do not appear in the grade table as a report.

The only lasting effect is a single violation in the grade table.

I’ve seen it multiple times, so not tagging everyone, but no, there is not a 20 second warning for aerobatics.

That would be utterly pointless. In a fighter, the aerobatic maneuvers will be extremely brief in duration. By definition, if you’re making a turn or bank for 20 seconds, it’s not going to be aerobatics. If you received 20 seconds warning after every aerobatics maneuver you could just continue to do them indefinitely since you’d never reach the 20 second threshold.


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