Is it possible to have a violation get taken back?

I have a problem. I was flying in the training server by LAX in an F-22 and I accidentally did an aerobatic maneuver so I fixed it after the warning then I got ghosted for it help please.

As far as I’m aware violations can’t be removed unless it was a technical issue with the app. Since it was pilot error in the case it is highly unlikely that the violation will be removed.

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I’m grade 3 I just got over 100 landings and I would be grade 4 if it wasn’t for that.

If you were under 10000 ft or overspeeding then it’s your responsibility to avoid those violations on the TS


I was under 10,000 feet and I wasn’t overspeeding which is impossible on the f-22

You can’t get ghosted on the training server.

Can you?

You can’t get ghosted on TS…

I got a violation

or get a violation???
they are two separate things

My bad…

Did you get a warning before the violation


Yes but I fixed it.

yeah I saw that I was just about to say😂

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Did it say you were ghosted? That’s a system ghost then.

If you fixed it, the system wouldn’t have given you a violation. Violations are final and cannot be removed, even if it is “by accident”. Similarly, if you pass a red light in a car you’re going to get a ticket, even if it was “by accident”.

That being said, can you share your replay, in (the very very) rare case it is a system error?

Use this website for sharing replays :)

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It was a mistake it’s a violation

Well if violation was the case you always get a warning and you have like 10 seconds or 15 seconds something like that to correct what you’re doing wrong

What type of violation?

Just a single violation? I’m confused.