Is it possible to go 330.000ft?

So, I’m going to experiment with F-22 to go space, but idk it is work or not… which is I do without bug but with real climb in LIVE server… Do you guys know what’s the trick to go that super high altitude?

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Wait you want to go to space without a bug?

yep, my friend able go to 150.000ft before but im curious that able to go higher or not…

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Hmmmm then you could ask your friend how they did it cause I dont know any way without a bug

you could try to find a glitched out airport and try to fall through the ground, gaining speed, before headed back up. you can easily exceed a few million feet with that method, although it’s much harder than using any glitch method.

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You can equate the potential energy and kinetic energy of the aircraft as:
Where v is feet per second, g is 32.2 feet per square second, and h is feet. Max speed of the F-22 at sea level in IF is roughly 1650 knots (obviously a lot faster than real life). This is 2785 feet per second. Switch the variables around and this is roughly equal to the energy you’d have at 120,500 feet, with 0 airspeed. This of course does not account for drag, and it is possible to go higher by getting speed at altitude, but it answers your question: it is not possible.


yes, i have reached 220,000ft before starting at M3,00 at 10,000ft then pulling up in a gentle 3 g pull to vertical. trial and error allows you to go higher then 150,000ft

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