Is it possible to fly when the app is close?

Is it possible to fly when the app is close?


No. You flight will end.

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Sadly this feature was removed as it was a pain for ATC. Plus IF cant run properly in the backround.

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Sadly no, as the app needs a constant running connection and needs to be open, and not just in the background. Because if i had it open and it was flying and i went to do something else on my phone, eventually my CPU or GPU will fill and the device will kill the game to avoid any problems, furthermore they added something so if you keep the app in the background for like 1-2 minutes it’ll kill the connection, mainly because it was causing issues with ATC and people popping out of nowhere. And it needs constant connection for the scenery. Last thing, you can fly without wifi for 20-40 minutes. But in order for that, you would’ve had to start your flight when you had wifi and then it disconnects.

Idk if it’s GPU or CPU so i put both lol

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On my ipad i can have it in the background for about a minute and it keeps running. Its very useful when I have some wifi issues and I want to use my phones internet until the wifi is stable.

Hmm sometimes, when I’m done a flight, I go to log the flight on my phone and forget to close it. When I eventually open IF again sometimes it still connects to the server successfully.

No, the flight will close along with it.

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