Is it possible to fly from Hawaii to California with the TBM 930?

Title says it all. Max Range of the TBM 930 is 1730nm. Looks to be ~2000nm from Hawaii to California and my understanding is there are no stops in between. Any thoughts on how to make this flight or is it simply impossible?

I think it can be done with a good tailwind… I’ll double check.


I never thought about that possibility. I guess if you could it the jetstream at FL310… How do you calculate such things?

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Well, I use which has a good flight planning system. However, according to it, the flight does exceed the aircrafts range, but I think @DeerCrusher was able to make it from Hawaii to the east coast in a TBM. Like I said though, you’ll need a good tailwind.

I’ve done this hop twice from PHNL to KHAF and PHNL to KSNA in the TBM. Now is not the time to try it because the winds are not strong enough to carry you across. When you try, be sure to take a look at the winds at FL300. KSNA is a little further if I recall, but the winds are more favorable heading there instead. Its a fun challenge. Its possible but takes the right planning. Enjoy!


@DiamondGaming4 @DeerCrusher is there a minimum tailwind that I’ll need?

Starting out, you’ll be ok with 40kts or less. But if you can find it when you’ve got TW’s of say 75 or higher, you’ll be ok. Cruise at M.50-.53 + tailwinds should get you close to a groundspeed of about 420kts… maybe higher.

But you’ll want tailwinds for the entire route of the flight.


MaxSez: @DeerCrusher broke the code “Winds Aloft”, could extend range every Sortie. (Aviation WX with WA is available from the National WX Service on the Web)
Live’d and Flew local in Hawaii for 4+ years. Beside wind aloft, considered the “Blivet”an internal add on fuel container sometimes rubberized. Most of the Local Caravans’d had Blivite’s installed in there Pod’s. Great for long haul and a cheap gas hunt sorties inter-island LOL. Some wise developer should considered a “Blivet” GA addon for IF $$$$$.🤒
Have a nice flyin day all, Max


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