Is it possible to fly from boundary to boundary in the basic version of IF?

I thought about doing a solo of SFO to LAX but im not sure if i’m able to leave the SFO boundary and fly to the LAX boundary.

You can fly from a region to a neighboring region if you can make it. SFO to LAX might be a stretch because once you leave the region boundary, the engines will cut. Therefore, you will have to glide the remaining distance.

If you were to fly from London to Paris then you can do it if you fly right where the two boundaries meet.


Wait… This is allowed?

Yes. I’d have to look for the proof. It might have been in a live stream or something. But this was discussed as one of the things that you can do when global was launched a couple years ago


Ah ok i never knew that.

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Yes it was endorsed by the developers 100%

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How tho the ICAOs don’t appear :/

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