Is it possible to ferry a Hawaiian 717 to the mainland?

Is it possible to ferry a Hawaiian 717 to the mainland? On Live, not solo. And if it is possible, tell me.

I don’t think so. Hawaiian Airlines used an extra fuel tank to ferry it. You can always try though and hope for the best with the winds helping but I don’t think it’s possible with the fuel it has within Infinite Flight with no extra fuel tank.

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I’m not to sure about flying it east but I know if you go west it is possible but that would be made up of multiple long flights

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Go for it. Load it up with fuel. Step climb and figure the best alt for winds. Also look at long range cruise speeds.

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Ask @NoahM on how he did it


You should be able to, just plan wisely and fly to Oakland Airport or San Jose. Those are (I think) the closest cities to Hawaii by distance and Oakland is the airport Hawaiian uses irl to fly 717s to the mainland.

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Thanks @Ishrion 😊

So @SamtypicalYT I flew it toward the end of last year, and I did Boeing Field (Seattle) to Honolulu, I landed with less than a minute left of fuel. If you fly from Hawaii, to MRY, SFO, SJC or OAK with no PAX, no Cargo, and full fuel, you should make it. But it requires a lot of altitude change to keep good winds


I am Currently doing the route, with 1 engine on only.

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Now that is a terrible idea 😂


I fly the 717 very often and made the rookie mistake flying from LAX-DEN just before Las Vegas noticed I wasn’t gonna make it. Circled Vegas till altitude, landed taking on fuel continue the flight.
Just that moment I started reading on the 717 and read they put on extra tanks by removing the seats fly from Hawaii to the mainland.

Is this a challenge for the 717 pilots? LoL!

I was able to do OGG-OAK in the 717 in about 4 and a half hours with about 30 minutes of fuel to spare.


I just did the one engine during takeoff, and then started the other one once in climb.

right now i am about 45 minutes away from Oakland, but probably will be a hour because of landing

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Good luck!

I was able to fly one from LA to Hilo.

Speaking of ferry, here’s a cool article with an embedded YouTube video that shows you what the interior looks like.


Yesterday night I finished my trip from Honolulu to Oakland in a Hawaiian Boeing 717, with only 30 to a hour of fuel left. Landed it safety, it is resting at a ramp in Oakland right now, gonna do my second leg of my trip up to Boeing factory to fix the plane, (I just pretend that something is broken.)

Once I get all of the pictures I will make a post

Someone flew a c172 from Honolulu to Somewhere in California. He needed an extra fuel tank though.

Is there an infinite flight app that shows you inbound and outbound flights to airports on all servers.