Is it possible to experience mechanical failure in IF?

I was just wondering if it’s possible.
Today on approach on Honolulu i was in a Korean 747-8 and i was experiencing Auto pilot failure. The plane keep pitching up, i try trimming the Aircraft but nothing was working. The Aircraft was uncontrollable but i kept on Autopilot trusting the system. Upon Final i was at 3000ft and 175 knots the Plane was suddenly losing altitude the nose was still pointing up Autopilot was on 3000ft. I wasn’t stalling because Airspeed was good, No stall warning alarm. I trim the Aircraft -50% trying to push the nose down still nothing happens. At 2000ft i calibrate my controls and the moment i turned AP off the Plane just Nose dive at 8000ft a min. No chance of recovering the Aircraft

After that i jumped in a casual server trying to recreate what happened and i experience the same thing except this time i took manual control much more early. With the AP off the Aircraft was behaving normal and i did a successful visual landing.

I wondered what happened. I’ve spent 900+ hours in IF and i’ve never experienced that?

How was the plane loaded at the time?

I’ve certainly had it where the AP or APPR doesn’t seem to be working. Usually turning all the AP off and then on again does the trick but sometimes with altitude I just have to take over and re-engage AP a little while later.

This is why we got replays now…share the files we all can see what went wrong… IF doesn’t have any failure options yet.

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The cargo was distributed evenly and so was the fuel. I filled it up to 55%. It was a 7 hour flight so i probably had 15% of fuel left upon Arriving.

I can't upload it says am not authorised

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