Is it possible to download 20.3

I heard that 20.3 would still be supported and I planned on continuing to use that version into the future. Unfortunately I forgot to turn my automatic downloads off on my iPad so now it has 21.1. Is it possible to undo this or am I out of luck?

You could only go back to 20.3 from the Open Beta, as it was possible to switch back to the ‚actual‘ version.
Now that 21.1 is the ’actual‘ version, you can’t go back to it, at least not by any mean I am aware of, and the 20.3 will not be supported any longer as far as I know.

This made it sound like it would still be supported- so it’s more a problem of getting back to 20.3 in the first place.

Yes, for devices that are not able to update.

Say I had automatic downloads off and didn’t update on a device that was technically capable of getting 21.1, would 20.3 not be supported in that case?

It would, yes.

However, the context for my reply was for someone who was not able to update due to device specifications. To my knowledge, neither Play Store or App Store allows for version rollbacks on public versions.

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