Is it possible to do egll-yssy on an iPad Air(2019) 3rd gen

It has 4gb I’d ran but I was wondering whether that’s enough for a 19 and 1/2 hr flight

Should be - but turn your settings right down for cruise just to make sure :)

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Ok thanks for that really wanna do the flight you see

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50/50 I was using similar aged device before upgrade … sometimes could complete long haul others would drop out .
That’s with all minimum settings

Only one way to find out , at least you accumulate points as you fly if you end up dropping out.

I think older devices will start to struggle even more with continued up dates .

Good luck

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So mine should be fine then as it’s the newest model

Thanks tho

Gen 3? Thought gen 5 current Newest ? 🤔

No, it will crash

Why is that?

At least I think it’s the newest

My old iPad was gen 3 , struggle town

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Ok thanks anyway

IOS is having a issue, along with everything else, with crashes. I can’t even do a 2 hour flight with my 128 GB IPad Mini 4 on IOS13

The iPad Air (2019) does not exist. I shall assume you mean the iPad (6th Generation) of 2019, and in that case it should be okay for the flight. Keep all the settings low and the brightness minimal and it will be fine.

The iPad Air 2019 does exist.

Ignore me, turns out the Air 3 is a thing now. My bad. It’ll be fine.

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Ok thanks for that

Since the device has 3GB RAM, and RAM being one of Key Factor in for how long the App will be able to run, evermore since iOS13 launched and the Memory Leak issue when Infinite Flight Update 19.4 was released, I’d say, from a user experience standpoint as, that 3GB RAM will fare very well and much better than those devices with 1 or 2GB RAM which are the ones most affected to experience App Crash more likely and often.

I’d say, turn your Infinite Flight Settings, Render Quality and Airplane Count to Medium or Low, and Anti-Aliasing OFF, as that particular setting itself drains a lot of RAM Memory. After doing all that, closing background apps, only having IF opened and also restarting your device prior to a Long Haul, then a 19hr trip will most likely be possible, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the App closes after 17-18hrs.

Ok thanks I am going to try it in the morning

Just a couple of things. To my knowledge, the iPad Air 2019 has only 3 GB RAM. (Backed up by Wikipedia). The iPad Pro lineup 10.5, 11 and 12.5 are the devices with 4 GB RAM. Since iOS devices with 1 and 2 GB are struggling, the 3 GB should be fine. The iPad Air is similar to aspects of the iPad Pro 11 under the hood, just one or two small steps behind. Wouldn’t worry too much. I just upgraded from an iPad Air 1st Gen to the iPad Pro 11 and it has been buttery smooth even with the A350. (Haven’t done an ULH with it yet though.) Have a good flight!