Is it possible to disable crashing?

I like this game a lot but sometimes I disagree with what they consider crashes or I just want to see what happens. Is there a way where you can crash the plane without the crash menu popping up

Nope, it is not possible.

Hate to be a spoiler, but what could we possibly replace it with? You can’t just hit the ground and not crash and use the earth as a taxiway.

Personally I think we should change it to a screen that says, “You landed!” With cheering emojis raining from above the screen with happy piano music. But other than that, we have a crash screen for a reason. 😕


Cheers to adding more color and effects to the crash screen. However I still don’t see any benefits to this.

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“You got Ryanair’ed”


That’d be funny, but still no benefit.

Maybe for single player but not multiplayer… i dont really see this being accepted for multiplayer in any way. Takes away from the realism which most players aim for

@RTG113 wishes you could disable crashing, but alas you cannot.