Is it possible to create liveries?

Hello I am new here so I was wondering if it is possible to create your own Infinite Flight liveries. I don’t know if this is in the right section so tell me if I it is wrong (:

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Yes. If you want to showcase your work, theres a thread for that.

Edit: this is solely for fun, liveries created here are not in the sim.

At the moment it isn’t possible to create your own liveries to use in Infinite Flight itself, though there are feature requests for this, one of which I’ve linked below:

If you want to make liveries anyways, you can do so and flaunt them in the topic @Zachary_Naponic linked, hope this helps!

You can create your liveries in the thread but unfortunately they won’t be implemented into the game just a heads up!

Thank you guys! This was probably asked before so sorry about asking again (:

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