Is it possible to connect a PS4 controller to LiveFlight?

I was wondering if it would be possible for LiveFlight to detect control input from my PS4 controller.

@Cameron this looks interesting.


@Cameron thoughts?


Same time haha


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Amen brother.

I’d like to use the back thumb triggers as rudders, it seems like it would be efficient.

Controllers are supported in the code, so it should work. But you’d need to find a way to get your PC/Mac to recognise the controller (I’m not sure if it works natively as I don’t have the hardware to test with) :)


Alright, thank you! I’ll try connecting it with a wire to begin when I get home.

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What about Xbox controllers you have that hardware if so I would love to do it that way 😁

I was thinking of that, since Windows recognizes them by default. But I don’t own an Xbox, and would rather buy a joystick than an xbox controller.

Xbox is the same thing just a little bigger and different maker

I said controllers in general :)

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How would a person go about connecting a Xbox 360 controller to an iPhone please help lol

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Am trying to find a program over the Internet to use

Set it up so it works on PC first:

Then in theory it should be able to be set up like any joystick with LiveFlight


I agree,why a ps4 controller?

I know a PS4 controller can connect to a Mac via Bluetooth. I’ve done it before!

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Imagine it, it would be like flying in GTA but better 😂

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