Is it possible to configure commands like Airbus behavior ?

Do you know if it is possible to set commands to work like this ?

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Without joystick.
It supposes automatic trim but I hope it’s possible to set it work like this.
Thousand thanks for your answers.


That’s just the way it is as far as I’m concerned

You can… you can set VS by clicking it when you are climbing, then disable it and push forward to level off.

That is not what he’s asking for. He is asking if there is a way to make it act like a fly by wire system, in which side stick movement commands a G load. At neutral the plane will maintain 1G, which isn’t the same as a constant climb rate.


I guess you can do that using the G-forces measurement on the flight data bar at the bottom of the screen, however I don’t think that there’s a way in which you can program it other than setting a specific VS and the place will climb on its own. The different G-forces will depend on how much/little the stick will be adjusted when starting the climb or when leveling off.

The only A/C that acts SOMEWHAT like this is the F22 in which it will kind of stay put where you put it-but that’s more a function of raw thrust to weight/power than it is autotrim. I asked Laura before about autotrim and she said it was really hard to do autotrim with our devices having accelerometers in them

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Auto trim could be:

  • When you release ATL it calibrates vertically and the plane keeps its angle
  • When you release HDG it calibrates horizontally and the plane keeps its direction
  • If you release both the plane keeps its way
    After releasing accelerometer goes back in the game but with a steady plane in a confortable holding position for the user.
    Just an idea.

I see what you’re getting at here but you’re talking about releasing AP functions and having the plane stay stable-that would be auto calibration…

For auto trim it would be if I rotate an A320 off the runway to 15° pitch, and let go without pushing or pulling the device-the plane stays at 15° pitch without me having to trim before I let go of the device. Same for the bank on Airbus. If I bank to 16° and have a nose up pitch of 7° the plane holds the 16/7 degrees without me having to pull/push/turn OR trim to hold the up angle

Basically wherever I point the plane, it maintains pitch angle and/or bank angle.

When you bank currently you have to pull back on the device to keep your nose from falling off-in an Airbus, the autotrim compensates for this and no back pressure is needed (up to 33° of bank-past 33° you have to pull back)

This is the best explanation I’ve found from

Autotrim just means that the airplane is not allowed to aerodynamically seek a prior aircraft attitude after displacing from that attitude. In other words, autotrim automatically holds whatever attitude (within limits) that you put the airplane in. Just roll and pitch the airplane to whatever you want and let go. The FBW flight control software then adjusts the control surfaces to maintain that attitude. To be technical, the software attempts to hold a commanded g load in pitch (hands off is normally 1g) and a roll rate in roll (hands off is normally 0 deg/sec). If you maintain 1g and a zero roll rate, in theory you should hold attitude precisely. In reality, it can wander very slightly. Configuration changes shouldn’t affect attitude with this system, but in real life, they do, especially flaps 2 (first flaps deployment) which gives you a pretty good balloon that the autotrim is slow to correct. The pilot still has to pay attention, of course.


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