Is it possible to block the phone during the flight?

Is it possible to block the phone during the flight?
Uptd: I mean lock phone when i play in infinite flight

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What do you mean specifically by “block the phone”?

Do you mean is it possible that people are unable to call you or something along the lines while you’re flying in Infinite Flight?

@Luke_M he means, on a iPhone or a phone they might get a call and he wants tk

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I think the “Do not disturb” for Apple or its Android equivalent function will do the job


Hey @Nikita_Myzuka

What I do prior to a flight is turn on WIFI and Airplane mode. This allows me to block anyone trying to call me and also be able to play I.F. Unfortunately if someone faceTimes me that will come through, but its not that often.

Also use the Do not disturb function which is on Apple if you are using an apple device and this just silences everything :))

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It probably will. I use ipad but it seems logical

With iOS 13 with the Shortcuts Apple apps.
The aim is to set do not disturb when Infinite Flight is launched (sorry, the example here is with another FS):

Launch Shortcuts

Automatisations thumb and + button.

Select a trigger
When Infinite Flight is opened:

Open what to do:


Firstly append an adjust date item

  • Add
  • 60 (or other value)
  • minutes (or hours, seconds)
  • to
  • actual date

Secondly append a do not disturb item

  • Set do not disturb
  • Activate
  • until
  • a specific time
  • adjusted date

Validate all steps.
When you launch IF your iOS device will switch to do not disturb.

Tip : you can extend your script to also lauch IF Assistant in one time.


Do not disturb might help. But on phone calls i think is not helping only on notefications

It depends how Do not disturb is set.
In my case I allow phone calls from favorites and repeated calls. For those cases I’ll be disturb anyway. But I want it like this I could have set it off.

I mean lock phone when i play in infinite flight

This is not possible, no. The app must remain open throughout the flight. If you lock your phone or close the app for too long, you’ll be disconnected.


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