Is it possible that I could get RAAS on the A320 family in infinite flight?

Hey there pilots! Do any of you out there know any apps that can give you RAAS in infinite flight? If you don’t know what RAAS is here’s a example… “approaching RWY 09” or “LONG LANDING, LONG LANDING!” And “1000ft remaining”.

If you do know any apps feel free to comment down below!

Happy landings!

Hey there!

You can check out @epaga ‘s Infinite Flight Assistant


I’ve got that and I doesn’t have what I’m looking for :( Thanks for the suggestion though!

Here is a list with all the Infinite Flight “assistant” apps. Take a look:



Oh thanks so much! I’ll try a few!

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Hey! I don’t think any apps have what you’re looking for.

I had foreflight but that’s £200 per month

I requested this to @epaga a few weeks ago actually. He did not confirm nor deny RAAS would come to IF-Assistant, right now he’s working on a different project so we just have to wait and see.

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@Jackalus_Mills. MaxSez: Valid Request with out the detail. Your explanation is the end result. Next time define acronym used: “The Runway Awareness and Advisory System (RAAS); an electronic detection system that notifies aircraft flight crews on the ground of their position relative to their allocated runway.” For tech details see Wiki. My opinion; this platform, RAAS to complex to program and of Limited value. Regards


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