Is it possible for certain areas to cause Crashing?

Myself and @Swithord having experienced this twice where the person in front will crash in a specific spot and then the person following crashes in exactly the same place. Once would be a coincidence but twice is just weird.

Airports in question are UAAA 23L short final and CYTZ 26 short final. Both times were as we both cross the NOTAM circle.

My device is iPad Pro 12.9 Inch 5th Generation running IOS 15.3.1


Is that maybe the spot where the buildings start to load in? I have heard about multiple occasions where the buildings loading in can cause crashing. The fix for those guys was to reduce the 3D object density.

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I could already see the buildings both times, it was much closer than the spawning distance and the fact it happened as both of us crossed the NOTAM circles can not be a coincidence and even just loading in I crashed at both airports too just accepting the NOTAM when starting the flight.

Crazy that you mentioned that… Been having that happen to me the last 1-2 months. Game crashes once or twice a day usually on the West coast. I average about 10-16 hours a day of flight time.


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