Is it possible at military airfields we don’t have aerobatics warnings/violations?

It would kind if be unrealistic to not go by military procedures for fighter jets when doing combat takeoffs/landings. Such as unrestricted climbs and whatnot. Just a thought! image

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You can do that on Casual server.

I’m talking about on controlled airspaces. That can add realism.

From what I am aware, it varies. I would do it on casual server, just to be safe.

It’s also much easier in Casual as practically nobody really goes on it, so you can do your sicc triccs on there.

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No matter what plane you’re in, acrobatics are prohibited on the training and expert servers, and I highly doubt that will change anytime soon.

Though fighter aircraft do not apply to speed restrictions below 10,000ft. But if you are flying somewhere with ATC, fly at a reasonable speed.

Only near airports. There may be an exception. In my opinion, the only way to find out is to find out.

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Yeah. If you’re within an airspace for an airport it’s prohibited. If you’re at 30,000ft or something doing a loop is harmless, but still not recommended.

Sicc triccs as in actual military procedures that all fighter pilots are trained to do?

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Yea it’s just a thought nothing that should be taken seriously but I do appreciate you guys opinions on the matter!

When I say seriously I mean needs to be added.

No problem!

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Hello there!

As an Airport Editor, and on general knowledge on how the servers roughly work in terms of the settings, aerobatic violations would not be an implementation that would really be able to be done with ease.

Why? The entire server is programmed to give violations at certain points in flight, and aerobatic violations when near the vicinity of a certain class airport, under 5,000ft and within 5nm. This violation works around airports and only around airports.

Now, programming the system to understand what a Military airfield is is a very difficult task. When editing an airport, we can add Military beacons which could be recognized by the system, however we only add military beacons to airports that purely have military operations. Airports with other GA or commercial use wouldn’t have a military beacon. The only way to get around this would be to manually add the airport in to a list of some sort which would disable the warning. Not to even think that the majority of Military airports are in an area close to a nearby GA or commercial airport, such as KADW in washington, KDMA in Tuscon, or KLSV in Las Vegas which would have be active to aerobatic warnings.

Additionally, Tyler Shelton provided a great answer here on pilot ettique and the realistic use of fighter jets around military airports.

I hope this helps you understand why using the Causal Server or remaining outside of airport’s vicinity would be the best choice to remain with when on the subject of changing aerobatic violations.


Thanks for the explanation!


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