Is it okay to not join a virtual airline?

Is it okay to not join a virtual airline, but to still use their callsign and livery?


i suggest you probably don’t use their callsign (i.e AAVA170) bc it might cause some confusion

of course you can use the corresponding airlines’ livery

Its ok not to join a VA , and its ok to use their callsign and livery. There are no limits to flying whatever livery or using whatever callsign in Infinite Flight. However if you meant like using a VA callsign say for example EZYVA 167 then no because it causes confusion and can frustrate VA’s

No, I just meant like Spirit 343 or something not like SAVA. I don’t think you can use VA in your callsign anyway, unless you are in the VA itself.

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Yeah then that’s fine

There is no rule agains using callsigns like “speedbird xxxVA” without being in BAVA, although it would be best to not use those callsigns as it can cause confusion


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