Is it Ok to keep my Ipad working for 15 hours?

Hello community. Im willing to to fly from Jeddah (OEJN) to Sydney Kingsford (YSSY) but I’m wondering if my Ipad can make it through the flight or not.
If someone can give me any advice :))

do you know the ram?

depending on the ipad type (mine is iPad 2018)… I had it for the Perth London flight and nothing happened

My iPad Air (2019) 2gb of ram survived a 15:20 flight from VHHH to KJFK on Saturday. All I did was a fresh restart before the flight and at cruise I had the cam view point up at the sky.

For future reference do these steps to avoid at a maximum extent the possible crashes you could have

This is your best tool for knowing your device performance in 19.4

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I kept my iPad on for 23 hours straight and it only crashed then :). No it won’t hurt your iPad…

Plug it in screen brightness down point to the sky and you’ll will be sly.

Like my rhyme? Seriously though follow those and you’ll be fine

I suggest you reducing the brightness to minimum and to activate the option “low power mode”. If you do this it should be ok

Ok thanks y’all
Wish me a good luck ;)

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Also turn the volume down all the way to zero. You’ll save a lot of battery.

Is this for Wednesday? I’ll be Going down in a Thai 747

Yup it is. cool

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Have a nice flight

I once did back to back flights straight for one week. My total “screen time” report at the end of the week read 164 hours. Keep in mind that there are 168 hour in a week. Nothing, absolutely nothing, happened. So I would say that 15 hours is perfectly fine! 😃

It’s definitely possible.

Currently, there is a crash issue (linked above), so just do the preventive measures and you’ll be fine.

Still, with the crash issue, it’ll totally work. Just remember to keep your device plugged in. I’d also recommend turning on “Enable Automatic Low Power Mode” in Infinite Flight settings.

Normally, on longer flights, I keep my camera on normal with it facing the plane and the sky only, settings on medium with anti-aliasing off and I also clean the scenery cache often and close all background apps, except IF-Operations occasionally. I also actively avoid the A350 on long hauls, because it crashes my device. Also, keep your brightness down over night so your iPad can charge and/or if you are leaving it in your room, you can sleep.

I’ve done anywhere from 6 hour Trans-Atlantic flights to nearly 17 hour flights using this method. The only catch is that my device is only about a year and a half old, so it doesn’t have the issues most older devices have.
Good luck!

Just lower the graphics, works for me. I am flying rn above Iran From Los Angeles to Abu Dhabi, 13 hours and my graphics on low so it wont crash.

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@MrAftonn Abu Dhabi Is deserted right now…You don’t need to read that part anyways: I am doing OMDB-YSSY and I recommend lowering brightness and clear out not needed replays that you can watch before you delete if you want. This will clear out storage and make much better running of the game.
Therefore It reduces the chance of crashing. And you should take @Luke_Sta

Hope this helps @Ibrahim.yz :)

Man I am gonna descend at Abu Dhabi Soon, lmao.

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Peak times are 3 pm zulu to about 7pm zulu (people are literally on their way to the next destination LMAOOO (Sydney) Anyways :)