Is it ok to do long haul flights every night?

I have been doing long haul flights for around 2 weeks now and was wondering is it ok to do them every night and as it bad for your phone? :)


I think you’ll be fine. As long as you follow the precautions. Brightness down plugged in looking up. Etc

Welcome to our beautiful community, @elliott2006. It’s ok, you’ll fine. Well, i’m flying all day long hauls, short - medium hauls. but you can follow these steps: SET EVERYTHING to the lowest possible setting (Rendering Quality: Medium, Rendering Resolution: Medium, Anti-Aliasing: Off, Limit Frame Rate: On). Also, make sure that you have Automatic Low Power Enabled in the General Setting.

It’s definitely not great for your device. Make sure to plug your phone with at least 90% battery (to reduce warming), set your graphics to Minimum, shut down all other app and to put your camera on free (or any other camera views that don’t require scenery download).

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Welcome to the community! @elliott2006

I believe as you do those long hauls every night your battery life IF iPHONE will degrade over time.

Happy flying! - @PilotCSG

You mean on right

oops! Yes, srry.

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I do long hauls almost every night.

Ensure you have automatic low power enabled so your device doesn’t overheat, or stay too hot for extended periods of time.

Brightness low. If you have an OLED screen, the effect will be even greater on reducing battery strain.

Start your flight with <90% battery! This one sounds weird, but your device may heat up more and quicker when charging from lower percentages. If you have IF running on an uncapped framerate, while charging, AND with brightness high, even with modern devices they will heat up significantly. Ensuring you have a charged device will reduce the amount of heat the battery produces during the charging process.

Hey, I did long hall over night > during the day. Then over night > during the day. Over night > During the day. Six long hauls back to back and my phone is just grand. You should be fine :)

Thank you for the replies reassured now

I’ve stopped doing these long Hauls, after so many of them my device is definitely degrading, I try to do short hauls more, just keep in mind that it will hurt in the long run.

yea im doing the same, but be careful and monitor until climb because there was one instance where my engines just failed and there was 0 airspeed and they stalled out.

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