Is it ok if I create VA?

I’m asking this because I don’t have live (I’m not allowed live 😭)but I really want to create a VA. obviously I wouldn’t be active (on live and stuff) but I would still be CEO. But then I would have a second CEO who would do a lot of the work as well. I would still be active and do things but do you think it still would be ok to make a VA?

(Separate question. Don’t have to answer if you don’t want to) If you said yes, what do I need to do (I.e do I need tocontact a mod to let them approve it?)

Thanks guys! 😄

It would be great for a mods opinion.

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Yes you can.


I wouldn’t use discord as well. Just PM each other on this forum.

You could do whatever you want. If you feel like you can make the VA the best you can then of course. The only people who should be contacting mods are new members who are new to this. You have been here for a long time so I bet you know what it takes to create a VA. Always be active is the number one rule and check up on staff and pilots to make sure that they are active 😉 😃


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Looks like I’ll be creating a VA then!

Simply The Best, Take To The Skies! Welcome to King Airlines! (KA)

Yes, you still can.

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