Is it not possible to put pause on Live without receiving any violation?

I was flying normally, when something urgent came up, so I had to pause IF then went to attend it.
Then when I came back, I was still on pause from my perspective and at the same coordinates, but to my surprise after landing I found out that I was not grade 4 anymore, and I was downgraded with 6 violations??😧🤔
But why there is a pause option on Live at the first place if it does not have any effect… Why?

Please can any of the moderators consider my situation? If not please explain so I can understand why is this still happens?

An there you go the picture after I landed.
It was on TS1 Sidney Region.

I guess the pause button on live doesn’t work because it may cause disruption to other planes if a plane pauses during their patterns, taking off /landing etc.


Pausing in Live isn’t possible in the same way it is on Solo, as it would disrupt services for everyone surrounding you and connected to you.

The option is there in Live so you can calibrate, end session, access settings etc.