Is it normal to see this amount of rendered planes?


I’m trying to join the FNF and I’ve got a 2018 iPad Pro 12.9 and the game runs insanely smooth. I’ve got the settings set to very high, but I don’t seem to ever see queues at runways or crowded terminals.

Is this all normal.

This usually happens when large amounts of aircraft are in the same area.


There is a limit of how many aircraft you can see, even when on the highest settings (I dont know the exact number, hopefully a mod can let us know). The developers however do edit this limit to show much more aircraft when they share content.

yup completely normal but most should render in on replay because the game should and only renders the closer aircraft as it is important for everyone to know who is near them.

Wrong. It’s quite the opposite actually, you see the same amount on replay or in game. There’s a limiting factor for general users.
That’s just from my experience once i thought the same thing. Tried it for a massive fly in using replay mode, saw the same amount so

I always see more not all but a lot more than normal

Would be handy to select the range of the rendered aircraft as I don’t want some plane to be rendered at FL320, but not any at the airport /=. Happened yesterday and I almost ran into someone (because they weren’t rendered) on expert /=.

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