Is it normal lol

It’s my first time forgetting to arm spoilers. is that normal for us I.F Pilots to forget. It feels kinda buggy that I forgot.


Are you human? Yes. (I hope).

Do humans make mistakes? Of course.

All mistakes are fixable, practice makes perfect. 🙂


I sometimes forget to arm air brakes. When I do, I always pretend I had an “emergency” where the air brakes failed.


Yes, I have frogotten it once, I Even used a Checklist, but still forgot it lol

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I even told ATC, I’m Sorry lol

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I don’t even think they would’ve knew lol

Like when I landed I went to put the spoilers down I was like… " hope ATC didn’t see the unprofessionalism " , I wonder if pilots irl forget too.

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Yeah, I don’t really notice a difference between when I use spoilers or don’t. It doesn’t really change the stopping performance of my planes. Oh well, mistakes happen to the best of us

Yes, Don’t worry. Sincerly the spoilers doesn’t do anything in Ground, but is crucial in the air

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Considering I once forgot to put down landing gear, its not that big of a deal to forget spoilers 😂

Mistakes happen 🤷‍♂️


I highly doubt it.

I hope not too many times with the flows/checklists/SOPs that are in place, but yeah it will have happened many times I’m sure.

But yeah, really not a big deal in IF.

Yoooo!! Are we still flying?

That is still what I’m tryna figure out… I have a tight schedule lol I’m looking for flights. You in DFW?

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I’ll spawn whenever you’re ready

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Or, let’s do AA644. LAX-DFW

This is not the place to chat for a flight. Feel free to PM one another, or create a #live:groupflights topic.

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Woah there!!! You’re not minding your business 😂 we already have a pm thread going.

A bit difficult when it’s in a public thread. 🙂


Hey now, this ain’t the road that you want to go down. I give no cares about coming out of character. Stay in your lane and I’ll stay in mine. I don’t bother nobody so PLEASE don’t bother me. ESPECIALLY when it has nothing to do with you or concerns you. Good day fellow aviator(s) 😁✊🏾

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Alright, I’ll get a moderator to come bother you then. Service with a smile :)

If you need a PM, I’ll make that happen.